The cellar

The wine cooperative, founded in 1952 is nowadays the leader of the Saint Pourcain appelation, harvesting the two thirds of the area. 
Located 60 km north of Clermont Ferrand and a hundred km south of Sancerre, the apellation is spead over 19 villages in the Allier, around Saint Pourcain. This area is about 40 km long (north to south) and 5 to 7 km wide. It is made of a series south east facing slopes, on the left banks of the Allier and Sioule rivers, making a total vineyard area of about 600 hectares.

In the 1980’s, faced with the threat of a serious regression and a rapidly shrinking vineyard area, those in charge of the appellation, decided to revamp and reorganise the vineyards in order to adapt them to more modern viticultural techniques. There was a technological emphasis on quality:

  • New delimitation of the plots of land to eliminate the parcels of lesser quality as well as making sure that the right grape varieties were chosen for each terroir.
  • Better quality grape varieties and clones were progressively planted.
  • Practices in the vineyards were modernised to allow the use of machinery.
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