Liste des produits

Blanc la Réserve 2012
Pale yellow colour, elegant nose. Lively and refreshing on the palate. Lasting aromas. Serve as an aperitif or with fish or shellfish.
79,20 €12 btlles
Cuvée Printaniere
Pale yellow with glints of gold. White and citrus fruit with white flowers on the nose. Balanced on the palate, lively intensity. Serve as an aperitif or with fish, shellfish or cheese.
86,40 €12 btlles
Atlantis blc 2010
Lovey light yellow colour. Floral notes on the nose. Balanced attack, lots of freshness. Lasting fruit aromas. Serve as an aperitif or with fish or shellfish.
84,60 €12 btlles
Dom Chin Blc 2010
Pale yellow with golden glints. Powerful, fruity and fresh on the nose. Well-balanced on the palate. Unctuous wine reminiscent of fruit and flowers. Serve with shellfish and fish dishes.
90,60 €12 btlles
Cx d'or blc 2010
Straw-coloured. Aromatic and fruity on the nose. Good length on the palate. Aromas of exotic fruit. Serve with fish, seafood, baby vegetables etc.
95,40 €12 btlles
Lo Mountogno blc 2007r
Golden yellow, elegant nose. Lively and refreshing on the palate, well-rounded and lasting aromas. Serve as an aperitif or with fish or cheese.
118,20 €12 btlles
Pale yellow shot through with golden glints. Oak and vanilla on the nose, with fresh fruit aromas (pear, pineapple). Balanced on the palate, mouth-filling, good length. Serve with fish in sauce, shellfish, pan-fried foie gras or unpasteurised cheese.
167,40 €12 btlles
Rosé la Réserve 2012
Hot pink colour, shot through with salmon coloured glints. Light, fruit-driven wine with lovely freshness and good length with fruit aromas. Serve chilled with hors d'oeuvres, barbecues or as an aperitif.
76,80 €12 btlles
Pale pink colour shot through with salmon coloured glints. White and red fruit on the nose. Lovely, fruit intensity, lively and refreshing. Serve chilled, as an aperitif, with hors d'oeuvres, exotic dishes or sweet and savoury dishes.
78 €12 btlles
R de Rosé 2010
Strong pink colour. Rich red and black fruit, flowers and spices on the nose. Mouth-filling and well-rounded. Serve as an aperitif and with hors d'oeuvres, perfect with grilled meat and fish, as well as sweet and savoury dishes.
79,20 €12 btlles
Salmon-coloured, discreet and floral on the nose, delicate on the pelate with slight aromas of rose petals. Serve chilled with hors d'oeuvres or with barbecued food.
81,60 €12 btlles
Croix d'or Rosé 2010
Lively pink colour. Aromas of red fruit and flowers. Delicate and fresh on the palate, showing notes of ripe red fruit (cherries, blackcurrants). Serve as an aperitif, with salads or fish.
85,20 €12 btlles
Saumon pink colour. Rich nose with red and black fruit and spices. Mouth-filling and well rounded, long finish and perfumed. Serve as an aperitif, with cold meats, grilled meats, exotic dishes and Mediterranean food.
79,20 €12 btlles
Lovely cherry red colour, delicate scents of Morelle cherries, blackcurrant and black fruit with a spicy touch of pepper and coriander. Perfectly suited to pork and white meats, as well as for an aperitif, with dessert and with red fruit salads.
78 €12 btlles
Cuvée Tradition 2008
Ruby red colour shot throught with cherry-coloured glints. Aromas of ripe red and black fruit (cherry, blackcurrant, spices, leather). Pleasing and supple on the palate, great aromatic finesse, fleshy and suble. Serve with game birds, cooked meats and mature cheeses.
81,60 €12 btlles
Dom Chin Rge 2010
Ruby red in colour with hints of purple. Red fruit on the nose showing spicy notes. A wine which reflects its terroir, well-balanced, fruit-driven and fleshy. Serve with red meats and cream cheeses.
87 €12 btlles
Croix d'or rge 2009
Strong ruby red colour. Aromas of red fruit, with cherry predomnating. Supple and well-balanced structure, fresh. Serve with red meat, game and cheese.
94,80 €12 btlles
Lo Mountogno 2007r
Lovely cherry red colour. Elegant aromas of Morello cherries and black fruit, with a spicy touch of pepper and coriander. Pleasant, fruity, supple, delicate and powerful. Serve with red meat and Auvergne cheeses such as Cantal and Saint-Nectaire.
120,60 €12 btlles
Lovely, dark red color. Aromas of red fruit (red and blackcurrants) with a touch of vanilla. Highly complex on the palate, with crushed strawberries and spices. Serve with red meat and Auvergne cheeses such as Cantal and Saint-Nectaire.
138 €12 btlles
Anne de Bourbon methode Champenoise
For parties and ceremonies: this wine is ideal for all life's special occasions. Excellent as an aperitif or as a cocktail with liqueurs.
102 €12 btlles
Anne de BOURBON Rosé
Balanced, harmonious and with hazelnut and citrus fruit aromas. An indubitably successful sparkling wine, with the happy combination of complexity and freshness.
102 €12 btlles